Our 12 pilot projects show great variety in their location, process, and results. We have worked in rural, suburban, and urban contexts in three provinces and have engaged a wide range of stakeholders, partners, and community members. Each project encountered successes and challenges, but we have learned many lessons and best practices from our on-the-ground collaborations!

Espace Beaubien. Kiosque de consultation

Espace Beaubien, Montreal

Learning from different partnerships.

Laval. Marche exploratoire avec les partenaires locaux

Chomedey, Laval

Highlighting collective skills.

Saguenay. Observation de terrain

Chicoutimi, Saguenay

Reinventing a former railway line with tactical urbanism.

Shawinigan. Rencontre avec les partenaires

Saint-Marc, Shawinigan

Professional and collaborative expertise.

Thorncliffe Park. Murale

Thorncliffe Park & Flemingdon Park, Toronto

From citizen vision to professional action.

Grand Sudbury. Participatory map

Donovan Neighbourhood, Greater Sudbury

Active transportation to improve a neighbourhood’s health.

Haliburton. Complete street

Haliburton Village, Haliburton County

Complete Streets in a rural area.

Peterborough. Participatory activity

Stewart Street Neighbourhood, Peterborough

A neighbourhood revitalization movement.

Bridgeland. Participatory mapping

Bridgeland-Riverside, Calgary

From temporary to permanent measures.

Acadia. Pop-up traffic-calming measure

Acadia, Calgary

Slowing automobile traffic for a safer environment.

Marlborough. Audit walk

Marlborough, Calgary

Citizen participation as a tool for inclusivity.

High River. Participatory map

High River, Town of High River

Exploring a walkable rural context.

Peterborough. Residents pour over map during exploratory walk

Jackson Park-Brookdale, Peterborough

Growing Community Connections. 

Downtown Jackson Creek

Downtown Jackson Creek, Peterborough

A diverse and active community

Design Scheme, Skinny Block

Anderson-Heritage Coalition

Co-designing for the “regional” and “commuter” scales with Acadia, Haysboro, Fairview, Kingsland, Willow Ridge and Southwood.

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