Chomedey, Laval

The priority stated by the players in the community was clear: put citizens back at the heart of decision-making.

Sharing the learning of a neighbourhood

Chomedey is the most populated and most multicultural district of Laval. The neighbourhood has a high level of material and social marginalization compared to the rest of the City of Laval, and since 2008 it has been the subject of an integrated urban revitalization (RUI) initiative. Three major arteries surround the neighbourhood, and create a feeling of insecurity, as well as contributing to an urban  heat island.

RUI stakeholders, the City of Laval, the Integrated Health and Social Services Center and several organizations in the community had already carried out numerous diagnostics and planning exercises. Our priority, therefore, was to mobilize young people and families, and to develop activities different from those already held as part of the RUI's approach.

Collective skills highlighted

Our goal in the Chomedey neighbourhood was to share all the learnings we have accumulated over the years of undertaking similar participatory planning projects. We mapped the actors involved and, through a working committee, we strengthened the links between the local partners and created a synergy of action around the participatory urban planning project. An exploratory walk enabled all stakeholders, including the public sector, to better understand and feel the issues identified by residents.

As the community is very active in the neighbourhood, we took advantage of existing activities and venues to set up kiosks to validate the proposed design interventions. We then went on an exploratory walk with the citizens to discuss the best solutions. We can not wait to see how community players will take action for green, active and healthy neighbourhoods!