What is happening in the Active Neighbourhoods Canada Network? Here is the latest news from partners.







Marche explo Marlborough


Participatory urban planning: new online toolbox

Article 100 Degrés - A new web platform offers tools, publications and resources to carry out projects whose planning is done in close collaboration with the population.

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Co-Designing the Active City: Launching New Tools for Canadian Communities

Canadians are increasingly recognizing the importance of co-design, which meaningfully involves citizens in the planning of their communities. These innovative practices are transforming the way cities are developed and designed. Responding to growing demand, the new web platform offers tools, publications, studies, and resources to help new participatory planning and co-design projects succeed.

RQV-Lancement publication


Loi 122: Zoom on the question of referendums and public consultations.

Article from 100 Degrés - In force since June 2017, Loi 122 leads to legislative changes that are not unanimous. The end of municipal referendums is one of the concerns expressed by many citizens. On November 28 in Montreal, the Montreal Urban Ecology Centre brought together three experts and a municipal councilor to discuss this controversial and little-known point.



Building healthy environments in participatory mode: 12 communities in action.

Article from Cent Degrés - The Active Neighbourhoods Canada Network has just published a remarkable document that describes 12 participatory urban planning initiatives in disadvantaged local communities in Alberta, Ontario and Quebec. Overview.


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Building Active Communities Together: A new publication for solutions that promote active transportation and citizen participation.

The Montréal Urban Ecology Center (MUEC) and its partners in the Active Neighbourhoods Canada Network (ANC), Sustainable Calgary Society and Toronto Centre for Active Transportation, are launching their new publication Building Active Communities Together.