Vision exercise

Develop a neighborhood vision statement specific to the community

Activity Type : Vision
Participant Audience : Residents, Organizational Partners, Decision-Makers

A vision statement is a projection towards the future, laying out an ideal to achieve. This short activity can be done during an event like a citizen forum.

What makes this tool valuable?

When the written vision statement expresses the views of the participants, the vision exercise reinforces the sense of ownership of the project and can serve as a project guide to ensure it reflects local priorities. A diversity of citizens and oartners is necessary to ensure representation in the vision statement.

Images of words of a vision statement, and a vision board
Tips & tricks
  1. The exercise can be carried out during a formal activity during the introduction.
  2. Present the result of the group work a little later or at the end of the activity.
  3. As a result of this activity, write the vision statement and create a visual presenting the main ideas.