Street and Travel Survey

Understand travel patterns in neighbourhoods

Activity Type : Understand
Participant Audience : Residents

This tool asks residents to give feedback on their travel patterns within the neighbourhood, including mode choice, popular routes, and routes they avoid. Survey people at events, pop-up kiosks, door-to-door and/or online.

What makes this tool valuable?

This tool gives in-depth feedback about which routes people use (and why) and which they avoid (and why). The results are valuable for understanding how people move through their neighbourhoods, and where there are areas of concern.

Images of a survey clipboard, a survey being taken of a man in a mobility scooter, and a survey taken at a pop-up kiosk at an event
Tips & tricks
  1. Surveying door-to-door can be an excellent way to engage people that may not come out to other events.
  2. Bring this survey to all of your major project events and other events happening in the neighbourhood.