Emotional Mapping

Maps the emotional experiences evoked in different areas of the neighbourhood

Activity Type : Understand
Participant Audience : Residents

This tool allows participants to explore their emotional responses while moving through their neighbourhoods. Use a printed base map, a colour key representing different emotions and stickers or markers. Allow participants to map out their emotions as they walk. This tool can be used independently in people’s free time or as a facilitated group walk.

What makes this tool valuable?

Vibrant communities create well-being. This tool maps out how people feel in their community and gives rich qualitative information about which areas of the neighbourhood feel vibrant and safe, and which areas may be candidates for improvement.

Image of groups of people of different ages going on a walk.
Tips & tricks
  1. Take into account that different people may experience different emotions. This can stem from factors like age, gender, mobility, or past experience.
  2. Use this tool alongside or in addition to other walking audit and mapping tools to add a layer of qualitative emotional observation.