What is Healthy Public Policy and How do we Influence it?

Review the principles of healthy public policy and creating policy influence. 

Policy resource type : Public health, Why Healthy Places?
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A healthy public policy has a clear focus on health and equity in all aspects of the policy. These policies aim to create social and physical environments in which healthier lives are easier and possible for all citizens.

What makes this tool valuable?

Download the backgrounder to learn more about healthy public policy, and discover the steps you might take to influence policy in your community. 

Policy Symposium

There are existing resources and toolkits that are useful when deciding how to influence policy. Below is a selection of these resources.

  1. Policy Readiness Tool: Understanding a Municipality’s Readiness for Policy Change and Strategies for Taking Action - This tool from the University of Alberta can help you assess your municipality’s readiness for policy change, and offers strategies for policy change at several levels of readiness.
  2. Toolkit to Healthier Communities – Influencing Healthy Public Policies - This toolkit from the Ontario Chronic Disease Prevention Alliance is offered in both French and English, and includes worksheets for each stage of the policy development process. 
  3. Policy Approaches to Reduce Health Inequalities - This briefing note from the National Collaborating Centre for Healthy Public Policy discusses different policy approaches to reducing health inequalities, and their differing impacts.

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