Stakeholder Mapping

Map out stakeholders who will be engaged in the project

Activity Type : Understand
Participant Audience : Residents, Organizational Partners

With a small core group of residents and key partners, start by brainstorming a list of all stakeholders that may be interested in, or impacted by, the project. Then, reflect on each of the stakeholders, considering how much power they currently hold within planning processes, how much they will be impacted by neighbourhood outcomes, and how much they may be interested in participating in the project. Then, map the stakeholders onto a grid. See the Resources section for some examples of how these stakeholders can be mapped onto a grid.

What makes this tool valuable?

Stakeholder mapping consists of evaluating the degree of interest and the influence of stakeholders relevant to the project. It can be used to determine what type of relationship should be developed with each stakeholder and at which point in the project to involve them. It can serve as a foundation for inviting in organizational partners or decision-makers, or deciding where to focus engagement efforts.

Tips & tricks
  1. Since some information may be confidential, be sensitive in where and how you distribute this document. Often, it should be kept internal.
  2. The position of stakeholders may change over time: the map can be revised for each phase.