Policy on Healthy Communities Planning

The Canadian Institute of Planners' Healthy Communities Policy defines the role that planning has in fostering healthy places.

Policy resource type : Active Transportation, Urban form, Public health, Why Healthy Places?
Type : Internal

The Canadian Institute of Planners (CIP) envisions a future where all communities foster vibrancy and active lifestyles that improve the health of Canadians.   

What makes this tool valuable?

CIP recognizes that all planners have a responsibility to support the development of healthy communities. It is working to ensure that practicing planners have access to the resources, data, training, and other support they need to do so. CIP is also committed to collaborating with other professions, planning associations and governments, stakeholders and the general public to help address the health challenges that Canadians are facing.

Policy on Health Communities Planning

Visit the Canadian Institute of Planners website to explore this policy in depth. 

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