Photo Portraits

Photograph community members telling you what they love about their neighbourhood!

Activity Type : Understand, Vision
Participant Audience : Residents

With whiteboards and a photobooth, let residents write what they love about their neighbourhood and snap a portrait of them with their whiteboard. If there is a popular mural in the neighbourhood, that could make a great photo background! Otherwise, consider setting up a solid coloured screen or sheet.

What makes this tool valuable?

The photo portraits add a personal touch to some of the data you’re collecting in the project. This activity is great for community-building and for engaging children and youth, and it can contribute to your portrait document.

Photo-portraits of residents holding white-boards with messages.
Tips & tricks
  1. Always ask consent before taking someone’s photo! Bring written consent forms and have participants sign them in advance. For people under 18, have a parent or guardian sign.
  2. If they want to, participants can use props and disguises made available to them.