Neighbourhood History Timeline

Construct a timeline of significant events and history in the neighbourhood

Activity Type : Understand
Participant Audience : Residents, Organizational Partners

As a part of a workshop or pop-up session, construct a large-format timeline. Work with participants to place key information about the history of the neighbourhood on one level of the timeline, and history about the city/region as a whole on the other level.

What makes this tool valuable?

The opportunity for residents to share their knowledge about the history of their neighbourhood will give you a fuller understanding of the neighbourhood, and how its history relates to the broader context of the city and region.

Image of post-it notes of historical events noted by residents.
Tips & tricks
  1. Pre-populate the timeline with some key moments, such as the city’s incorporation date.
  2. Acknowledge the region’s history before colonial contact, and use this activity as an opportunity to remind people about the First Peoples’ whose land their city sits upon, and learn about which treaties (if any) exist in the area.