Designed to Move: Active Cities. A Guide for City Leaders.

Gather international data and benefit from strategy tips to create active cities.  

Policy resource type : Active Transportation, Why Healthy Places?, Design Resources
Type : Internal

Higher levels of physical activity are associated with positive outcomes for most of the things that matter to city leaders.  When people move more, crime, pollution and traffic go down.  Productivity, school performance, property values, health and well-being improve drastically.  

This report by Nike (2015) summarizes the case for active cities, using 521 findings across 17 countries, and provides a blueprint for creating them.  

What makes this tool valuable?

This tool provides: 

  • Evidence: why build active cities?
  • Policy strategy 
  • Talking points  
  • Quick wins 
  • Examples of replicable initiatives  
  • Case studies 
Designed to Move Report Cover

This is a resource developed by an array of contributing organizations (our partnership was not involved, but we think its a great resource to share!) 

This work draws up the scholarly evidence base and insights from experts around the world: learn about these organizations and individuals on pages 78&79 of the report. 

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