Complete Streets Game

Co-design Complete Streets with an easy-to-use kit of parts

Activity Type : Vision, Design
Participant Audience : Residents, Built Environment Professionals, Decision-Makers

One street. Many uses. What trade-offs will you make? The Complete Streets Game has been used countless times in classrooms, community meetings and design charettes to help people grapple with this question. With the space constraints clearly laid out in front of them, participants work together to make the tough choices and build a street that reflects a shared vision.The game comes as a bilingual boxed set, and contains the following:

  • 110 magnetic pieces representing scaled roadway segments
  • 1 Fully illustrated bilingual game instructions
  • 1 Sticky note comment pad
  • 10 Character cards
  • 10 Challenge cards

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What makes this tool valuable?

The Complete Streets Game helps to build consensus on street redesign. Individuals or workshop groups create their ideal street by arranging scaled roadway segments, representing the elements that make up a Complete Street, to fit a scaled right-of-way width. At the end of the workshop, groups can compare their designs with others and have a legible record of the community vision.

The Complete Streets Game is flexible and easy to use in varied contexts—from pop-up consultation kiosks to the design charette, this tool makes the concept of Complete Streets design accessible, collaborative, and creative. Community members with no experience in street design can easily participate alongside transportation and built environment professionals.

Images of residents playing with the Complete Streets Game.
Tips & tricks
  1. The instruction books that come with the game explain all the tips and tricks you need to know! We are working on developing an additional facilitation guide, which will be available for download on the TCAT website: