Community Evaluation Guidebook

Four simple tools for evaluating your project


Activity Type : Demonstrate & Evaluate
Participant Audience : Organizational Partners, Researchers

Download the Community Evaluation Guidebook from the Resources section of this website. The guidebook will explain how to use four simple evaluation tools to measure your project’s successes and challenges. Depending on the resources you have available for project evaluation, this can either be a jumping-off point to build your own evaluation framework, or you can focus on only these four tools.

What makes this tool valuable?

Evaluation is essential to understanding what is working in your project and what needs to be improved or changed. Developing an evaluation strategy early on will help you to articulate your project goals and think about how you envision reaching them. Measuring progress towards the goals will ensure that your project remains on track. Funding partners and grant makers also will often require evaluation, so it is a good idea to create a strong evaluation framework and collect data throughout the project.

Community Evaluation Tools
Tips & tricks
  1. If possible, designate a person to be an evaluation lead for the project. This role can overlap with other project coordination roles, but it is a good idea to have someone who ensures the data is being collected throughout the project.