Business Survey

Partner with local business to create surveying opportunities

Activity Type : Understand, Vision
Participant Audience : Residents, Organizational Partners

Approach local businesses that residents have identified as key gathering places. Collaborate with these businesses to decide which type of survey tool would work best for them–some options are placemat surveys (for restaurants and coffee shops), large poster board/map surveys, or dropboxes for traditional paper surveys. You can also ask about setting up a pop-up consultation kiosk in their local business.

What makes this tool valuable?

Local business owners and workers often spend most of their waking hours in the community, and have a stake in its success. Businesses, which are usually frequented by community members, are good places to collect data.

Image of a person's hands filling out a survey
Tips & tricks
  1. Choose locations that already act as community hubs (e.g. a popular coffee shop or restaurant).
  2. Regularly check-in with the business to restock surveys and placemats, and check maps or survey boxes to make sure data is not lost due to weather, vandalism, etc.
  3. Consider putting the business logo on the survey materials.