Phase 6 - Inaugurer
Phase 6


Celebrate the project’s accomplishments!


Once the participatory process has reached the project implementation phase, it is important to celebrate the project’s success with the people who contributed. An official inauguration is an opportunity for project leaders to thank those who were part of the participatory process and keep them involved. The inauguration is also a way to increase project awareness, acknowledge the work accomplished, and announce what will happen next.


  • Celebrate the project’s success and thank all participants
  • Maintain their involvement until the end of a demanding process
  • Inform other stakeholders and invite them to get involved for the rest of the project
  • Explain and promote the project to the general public
  • Officially launch project implementation


  • Everyone involved in the participatory urban planning process (citizens, professionals, decision makers, organizations, etc.)
  • The general population
  • Local stakeholders
  • Media


  • Celebration to launch the plan
  • Official inauguration of the completed design elements
  • Party with residents
  • Press conference
  • Distribution of promotional materials

Participatory planning

Participatory planning is an approach to do-designing active, livable cities. Our approach makes urban planning accessible, community-driven, and fun. It is grounded in the belief that blending local knowledge and expert knowledge leads to strong outcomes. We work on the neighbourhood scale, and take an integrated view of planning--land use, urban design, architecture, transportation infrastructure, and placemaking all inform residents' experiences of their neighbourhoods, so we engage professionals across these disciplines. We also integrate a health equity lens into our work, and acknowledge the link between participatory planning processes, built environment outcomes, and public health. Each community has a unique, citizen-driven workplan developed in collaboration with divers local partners, but our participatory planning approach employs a common methodology.