Webinar Complete Streets - 20180123

Complete Streets in Canada: Designing for Change

Online Webinar

On Jan 23, 2018, the American National Complete Streets Coalition (NCSC) will host a webinar exploring the international nature of the Complete Streets movement, with three panelists discussing the uptake of the Complete Streets approach in Canada.

TCAT’s Director, Nancy Smith Lea, will provide an overview of the different policy and planning frameworks in Canada that have resulted in Complete Streets playing out in a slightly different way than in the U.S. Inspired by the NCSC, in 2012, TCATlaunched the Complete Streets for Canada website to track and promote Complete Streets in Canada, and to provide Canada-specific resources and research. 

Québec City’s Peter Murphy, an Urban Designer, will describe one of Canada’s most ambitious Complete Streets policies. Stantec’s Ryan Martinson from Calgary will provide a technical perspective as an engineer working in both countries.