Let's Have a Conversation About Healthy Places!

Join a non-partisan movement to talk about equitable access to healthy built environments in all Canadian communities!

Policy resource type : Active Transportation, Safety and Vulnerable Users, Urban form, Public health, Why Healthy Places?
Type : Internal

'Let’s have a conversation about Healthy Places' highlights key information on Canadian urban issues: cost-benefit analysis on active and motorized transportation options, inspiring practices and information on the challenges of addressing equity and health.

Enough to fuel your next electoral debates and workshops on the theme of urban policies! The Active Neighbourhoods Canada network produced this tool as part of the 2019 federal campaign, but invites Canadians to use it for elections at all levels of government.

What makes this tool valuable?

An election campaign is a key time to discuss more equitable and healthy neighbourhoods. What questions should we be discussing? What evidence can we rely on? This tool provides solid statistics, ideas for targeted questions and inspiring examples of policy, on four themes:

  • Health for all ages
  • Health equity
  • Healthy environment
  • Healthy economy
Let's have a conversation about Healthy Places

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